Thursday, September 17, 2009

MTV Video Music Awards (just because i think, like Russell Brand, i can say whatever i want, and sorta get away with it)

OK, i dont.
OK, that's another lie. I do.
I did lah, at least.

What does Michael Jackson and plastic bags have in common?
They are both made out of plastic and are dangerous for children to play with.

Haa. Ha. Ha.
ok serious tak kelakar.
(i swear it was hilarious when he was still alive)

But when i heard Madonna's speech about MJ,
terus tak jadi nak gelak tak ikhlas.
a little ikhlas tak ikhlas teardrop pulak took its place.
I wasnt even such a big fan,
but that, my friends, was a powerful speech.

And as you can see,
i have a bit of an obsession towards Russell Brand.
(dari last year kot dah blog about him and his statements)

If it was about bashing Bush and Jonas Brother's virginity issue,
this year he went all :

Lady Gaga is performing here tonight!!
How can we celebrate 20
09 without that fantastic woman?
Now, there has been lots of mudslingin' and rumor mongering and rubbish, people saying that she's a hermaphrodite.

I think its a disgrace that a woman cannot be successful, sexy and have an aggresive sexuality without people saying "Oh, she must be a bloke."

That is sexist!

And i would like to condemn the male dominated media for their disgusting treatment of this incredible woman.

And if you havent worked it out by now, yeah,

i'm trying to fuck her.

But you cant read those in a monotonic tone!
It HAS to be in Russell Brand's voice,
complete with his accents
and his crotch-enhancing pants attitude yang mcm tgh on 4 different drugs at one go!

Russell Brand and his endless provocative statements.
That's why i adore him so much I guess.
(i secretly wish that i'll be able to say something as honest, albeit crude, in front of the world)

Though I'd have to say,
i give +37 Irony Points (WTF?) to Lady Gaga for her speech:
"this is for God, and for the gays!"
(pun intended, i think)
(oh. and that weird red mask thingy she wore to accept her award makes her look as if she works for Alam Flora)

The performances were awesome.
I first made uncalled for bitchy remarks about Pink's perut buncit and ridiculous getup, but i took them back as soon as i saw her swingin' performance!
(Gempak dowh lu. At least we all now know that should the community decide to isolate Pink one day, she can always make a living by joining a circus group)

And Beyonce made me go woo-oh-oh!
The bisexual part in me (under the influence of Brand and Gaga - ok ini tipu lagi sekali. perempuan2, tak payah sms saya sekejap lagi ajak berdating di bawah bulan purnama. tapi kalau anda sangat hot, sila tinggal kan phone number. lepas bulan puasa saya might just call anda blk.) made me shiver and tingle looking at her wiggle and do her African Princess bit.

And one thing that i have to say about Muse.

Should i comment about Kanye West's drunken act?
Tak payah kot kan.
Jangan malas sangat, pergi Google!

It kinda looked like a setup to me though.
I mean, shouldnt they have like floor managers and shit to stop him from barging on the stage in the first place?
*raises eyebrow*
ah who cares.

So, yeah,
pardon me for rambling on and on about MTV Video Music Awards.
I was just trying to find an excuse to procrastinate from doing my assignment and studying for my test.

p/s : i think i would be 136 years old, baru Malaysia will have the same standard of awards macam MTV VMA.


cHeRyNa PiReS said...


can't talk about lady gaga rite now. my dad put "poker face" as his caller ringtone. kawan2 yg call semua tanya..."apakah?"

tp mmg betul..nak dpt satu AIM/ape2 award yg betul2 nampak standard (in terms of lighting, especially) sangatlah susah. performance pon macam haram.

Igniz said...

Muse..what can i say about them? they are insanely awesome!!!! woohoo! :P

Fatul Akrul Ramli said...

they are made of plastic.. hahah LMAO..

Merissa K. said...

Cheryna Pires:
Dads? Poker Face? errrr.
oh maybe dia suka part pa-pa-pa-pokerface pa-pa-pokerface tu kot?
hehh. oh lighting jgn ckp la. belum sound system. performance. aku tak mau start, nanti tak blh stop complain. hahaha.

i literally got chills dengar the keyboard. rasa nak menangis.

ohhhh finally ada orang gelak!! (monologue dalaman : YES! YES! *pumping fist in the air*)

caya lah fatul. awak memang kacak. hahahahahaha

-Pinkie ChiRa- said...

beyonce is fo shizzzzz the boombbbbbbbbb! i wanna watch VMA but no time. sighs. :(

A'a said...

i dont care what kenye did, i still love his music. hahahaha!!

kanye ws just being kanye. lady gaga was just being lady gaga. aint them if they aint actin like that. lol

Merissa K. said...

Pinkie Chira:
alaa download kat dc, then you watch la at home while anyaming the ketupats. :)
serious best tak tipu. last year it was more like Britney's MTV Award. This year its the Bisexual MTV Award. LOLS.

true that. though if he was patient, he'd see that they were gonna give Beyonce the best award anyways. Tak sabar Kanye ni. hahahaha.

Obefiend Weiland said...

i'm happy for you and imma wanna let you finish. But Hari Raya is the best celebration in the world

selamat hari raya

Merissa K. said...

Thanks for the reminder effs.
(walau pun tgh confuse cari part mana i ckp Raya tak best. ahhaha)

i want to berhari raya!!!!!!! can you believe that im still in my room in UTP,(kat Tronoh tengah tengah hutan belantara i might add. u remember what its like here in the desert dont u?) doing my ugggghhh reporttttt.

tak blh blk until siap. :(

Selamat Hari Raya to u too Effie. Tell the mrs the same thing. :)
(sigh. i hope ur enjoying the ketupat and rendang already unlike me, who's writing abt landfill leachate)

Anonymous said...

We will be victorious...

A french musketeer.

Merissa K. said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Merissa K. said...

ohh whichever french musketeer u may be, i miss you all the same! :)

s h a g o o said...

i tau sape!

tra la la~

-Pinkie ChiRa- said...

tasha! i dont have dc! im not in utp anymore remember???? OMG I MISS DC++ = teman bila boring. and omg britney sucked last year ahahahaha dont strangle me.

Merissa K. said...

shaaaaaaaa. haaa dia mula dah dengan lawak lawak langit jatuh dia tu. hahaha.

i tak tau puuuuuun. manaa you pergiiiii? asal u tinggal iiiii?