Monday, September 28, 2009

merah sebab marah

shit happens.
and when they do,
you tend to expect that your friends will be there to help you fix em up or at least help you recover.

but when "friends" are the ones who shat in the first place,
the trust and respect gets flushed away along with them.

screw you.
thanks for 4 years worth of memories.
and one night that ruined them all.
but no thanks.

you can now take your shit back.


s h a g o o said...


adakah sesuatu yg saya tidak tahu tetapi patut tahu?

dan adakah saya tahu akan si gerangan dia itu?

Igniz said...

tragedi september.

cHeRyNa PiReS said...

alamak...baru naik cuti dah bad mood ke mer?

cool down. your anger is not worth what the person did to you. LOL, okay?

fizah said...

babe what happened emailll meee!

Obefiend Weiland said...

ah friends

all my friends are friends with benefits. if benefit hilang i stop befriending

oh the fragility of frienships!

Naddddddd. said...

ohhhh im still pissed.shocked.sad.

screw them sha, u know we are better off w/out them anyways kaan

*high five dgn muka bajet*

Merissa K. said...

to all, the full story will be disclosed soon. kalau saya rasa mcm tak malu nak buka pekung di dada (caused by 'SOME' friends).