Monday, September 14, 2009

and the rabbit mounts and humps

oh no,
you are not gonna see pictures and videos of rabbits going at it.
if that's what you've come to look for,
you came to the wrong site.
(dengan segala hormatnya, you can go away play Scrabble someplace else now)

i was under medication a few days ago.
and apparently you can see the true nature of people under its influence.
you know what they say about the first child's syndrome kan?
Tak nak kalah, degil and has a tendency to get everyone to listen to them.

well, it turns out that i felt a sudden urge to wolf down a McChicken.

Tasha : Korang, i nak makan McChicken.
Friends : Ok, ok, kejap lagi kita pergi makan ok?
Tasha : Tak nak. I nak makan sekarang.
Friends : Later la sha. Tunggu half an hour je. Kejap lagi kita pergi la sahur McD.
Tasha : TAK NAK. i rasa nak makan sekarang. i nak McChicken!
Friends : Iyee. Tau la u nak makan. Tapi kejap lagi la ok? Bila semua orang dah ready kita pergi la ramai ramai.
Tasha : Tak mau! I want it NOW! I tak suruh korang teman pun kot. I can go down and get it myself!
Friends : Sha, you cant even stand properly, let alone walk without hobbling, mcm mana u nak turun pergi McD. Tunggu la kejaaaaaap je lagi okay?
Tasha : I cakap tak nak, tak nak laaa. I tak rasa nak tunggu. I want to makan McChicken sekarang. I boleh jalan laaa. Korang tak payah teman.

After a few more minutes of arguing, somebody finally went down to get it for me seeing as i really was not in a fit state to stand- let alone walk.

(oh kawan kawan. sorry perangai degil and tak nak kalah saya got to you. hoho.)
(To those yang nak apply jadi boyfriend, please be aware yang saya ni hard-headed and memang tak nak kalah. Betul, tak tipu.)

A friend then told me. Hmmh. I saw your true nature semalam. Degil, tak nak kalah, banyak cakap, and horny.

(ok. part horny saya tak tau mana datang. i did not snog anyone pun. yang the last part tu was purely fabricated uhh)

It turned out that one of the reason they wouldnt let me walk to McD was because they didnt want me to makeout dengan strangers by the road. Pfft. AS IF!!

(Friends, you should have had more faith in me. I was drowsy on meds, bukannya baru consume aphrodisiac. XD )


Igniz said...

"It turned out that one of the reason they wouldnt let me walk to McD was because they didnt want me to makeout dengan strangers by the road."

wow..if that really happened, i tell you, the stranger would have had his finest day ever. XD

btw, you were under medication because of what? high fever? h1n1?

s h a g o o said...

banyak laa u punye medication!

tra la la~

*aisha malas nak cakap lebih-lebih kat sini. nanty lg ramai tau your TRUE NATURE, woohoo!*

Merissa K. said...

Igniz: err no it wasnt fever punya med. saya ada OCD. dah dah. go google kalau rasa rasa nak teka. haha.

Sha : alahai. cakap jee laaa kalau naak. hahahha. i degil but i still remember things pretty vividly. i dont think ada hidden skeletons(kot). hahahaha. (kalau i rasa mcm comment u tak best, i delete je la. LOLLLLL. serupa tak payah kan? hahaha)

s h a g o o said...

banyak laa med for OCD.


*aisha, just shut ur mouth.*


Merissa K. said...

ok shagoo. dah. pergi sambung buat kerja and main scrabble. LOL.