Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Arsenal Vs. Manchester United. ughh ughhhh.

The game started off slow.
And as it went on, i thought to myself
"game ni sebenarnya nak assess siapa yang can score the most goals ke, the most kad kuning? Kalau kad kuning macam ada chance je Arsenal nak menang.."

It wasnt lack of faith, mind you.
Just look at them go down one by one.
In the beginning, macam cartoon tahu tak?
Tendang bola sikit, jatuh.
Dribble sikit, injured.

And dont get me started on the yellow cards.
Song, Gallas, Sagna, Eboue, Almunia, Van Persie.
Boy, were we on a roll!

Of course 3 MU players got it as well.
But to double that, Arsenal, really?

The first goal by Arshavin was really really good.
It was fastttt.
He's short but man, can he run!
It was utter brilliance, im telling you.
The satisfaction i got from texting the MU fans:
Wooohooo! *tawaf keliling padang*
was priceless.

At the end of the first half, i even took a picture of the current score on the screen, and mms-ed it to the rivals.

Little did i know, it was gonna backfire on me.

That penalty kick.
Rooney took the chance when Almunia rashly dived for the ball.
Pandai kau berlakon uhh nak dapat penalty.
And they scored, resulting in me receiving the same message that i sent earlier on.

And 5 minutes later, the smart SMAAARTTT (ini namanya sarcasm) diaby messed up.
its too frustrating, i dont even wanna get into it.

and when all hopes seem lost,
and we were praying for some last minute miracle,
Van Persie scored us an equalizer.

I was shouting and screaming out of joy (sambil berdiri ye) in the middle of Rasta,
when tak sampai 5 seconds later,
i saw Wenger's classic (oh itu priceless) expression and terduduk (me, not Wenger).
This was immediately followed by the MU fans to scream and shout,
rubbing it on our faces.

Bodoh la boleh offside pulak.

There goes our winning streak.
Takpe, kita tak pernah kalah lagi main dekat Emirates.
We'll bring it on, wont we.

p/s: serious kalau time tu tgh pakai jersey, boleh break down menangis kat tengah2 alam.


dehaq said...

blame diaby yg nak sgt score. haih. was hoping MU kalah actually.

Igniz said...

so miss tasha, do i get a new contract as the genie? can i? can laa.. :P

Merissa K. said...

dapat score mcm tu, adalah hina. tsk.

aaaaaaahhh, im not talking to you MU fans sampai la we beat u kat emirates. hahahaah. :P

cHeRyNa PiReS said...

jangan nangis! gunners played well, but mu got 12 players (including the reff). be proud,dear!

Merissa K. said...

uhhh. bodoh biased punya ref kaaan. tsk tsk.

macammana nak jadi proud when the mistakes that were made were such rookie mistaaaaakes.

*burst down crying*

oh well, boleh menang lagi after this kan? :D

ariff-syafik said...

hi. ur blog was suggest by 1 of my fren.. anyway i was wearing the jersey that night.. wear it proud.. walaupon beli kat uptown.. ahahaha

Merissa K. said...

hehehe. terharunya, dah ada suggestion.. :)

good to have you here tho. XD hee. ramai pulak arsenal fans kat sini. bagus bagus! :D

ok la ok la, next time ill wear it proud laaa. haha