Thursday, October 8, 2009

this is what i get for visiting dumb sites while colouring my hair

omg omg omg omg omg
(sambung baca omg for the next seven minutes)

i just wasted a few hours of my life browsing through malaysia's gossip blogs.
waaaargggh tertekan nya aku.
tension sampai rasa macam nak bakar computer.

i CANNOT fathom how absolutely conservative close minded nya Malaysians are.
And im sorry to report that most of them are Malays.

Now, now, im not going all
"oooooh, im the New Age Malay and im better than them all"
(though from what ive just read, perhaps maybe i am)

its just that.. okay.. lemme start this again.

*takes a deep breath*

So, some stupid moron who's probably trying to make money out of publishing craps about Malaysian artist, releases all this stupid 'articles' that wouldnt make much sense pun if the person that theyre writing about is not an artist in the first place.

(atau mungkin dia teringin nak glamour, tapi takde talent, so dia blog la walaupun writing talent pun takde and they Facebook stalk people as a source to their craps)

It's one thing nak gossip about celebrities,
tapi cerita such as:

"Artis A tweeted that she wants to go to the pasar malam today"
"Artis B dilihat menjual air pink guava di pasar malam kepada Artis A"
"Adik Artis C pakai seluar atas lutut di pasar malam yang sama"

Weyy seriously,

As if that's not enough,
they write stupid stories about the so called celebrities' adik, mak, kakak, abang, bapak, nenek, posman, ketua kampung.
Ahh complete lah semua.

These people's Facebook (dan lain lain) were raided and pics yang takde la teruk mana pun was published and points were exaggerated.

Maybe ada lah some indecency.
But i dont think they deserve such crude and tasteless comments.

If you were to read the comments, you would think that the pictures were taken out of Playboy's middle spread.

Habis la semua benda diorang salahkan.
Keluar hadis and sunnah,
but then again, you people still check the site religiously anyway!

Cari apa?
The latest nude picture and 3gp?
Hoping to see some cleavage and camel toes?

*shakes head*
korang sama je laaa.

As if la the comments that they gave were so membina kan.
In the end, they will squabble with one another over each other's comments.
Korang gaduh gaduh pun, bukannya artis tu baca pun comment tu.

Yang paling zomg nya,
even about non-muslim artist pun they wanna kick up a fuss.
BIAR LAAA orang tu nak minum wine ke, pegang a bottle of Tiger ke.
The keyword is Non-Muslim.
Tak payah sibuk boleh tak?

i feel like a dumbass now.
my intention was just to get a few laughs at the expense of other's stupidity.
tapi last last sendiri yang rasa bodoh.

and needless to say, im ashamed of some Malaysian's stupidity and lameass comments.
memalukan sungguh.

please la dol, go and read up on some better form of reading material.
Banyak lagi literature works you can read on.
Kalau kau memang tak reti nak appreciate good literature, paling paling pun pergi la baca Soccernet ke, cari recipe buat choc chip cookies ke.

You're just scamming on other's popularity and are just upset that you're not as famous as they are.
And it SHOWS, goddammit.

Im serious.
Go get a life.
And stop trying to take part in somebody else's.
Orang tu tak kenal pun kau.

Ive wasted enough time.
Im gonna go wash my hair off now.


cHeRyNa PiReS said...

babe....kalau kita cakap macam tuh....nanti dia akan jawab balik, siapa suruh baca?

ehehe...susah nak cakap la org2 macam nieh...

afeeya said...

u memang tak de keje lain eh? update pics of our new hair!!

backerz27 said...

tasha, i couldn't agree more. i was thinking of bloging about it before, tapi takpela, ladies ferst! lol.

s h a g o o said...

cookies i jugakk yang sedapp!

Merissa K. said...

baca sebab nak gelak kan diorang! :)

hee. ada batch dinner la babe, rockstar baybeh!! whoot whoot! im a peacock now. :P

Yes, saya marah sungguh ni. heehe. id love to read what you have to add tho. *grins*

ohh itu betul. sha you tak tau ke? dalam usaha memuat kan badan ke dalam baju dinner, i makan cookies you dan maggi sahaja minggu ni. bangga tak?

Igniz said...

they are the types of people who wanted to be journalists, but failed the interview because they are fucking stupid with insanely low IQ and cannot differentiate between cat poops and chocolate ice creams.

but honestly,and unfortunately,even some of the real Malaysian journalists are also like that. u remember Mawi and his ex-fiancee's case? they broke up for some personal reasons which indeed were in their rights whether or not to share them with the public, but the media 'forced' them by non-stop talking about the break-up and finally decided to hold a big event that dragged those two people on stage to share everything, but Mawi was reluctant to say anything, and then the media and the people complained, "Mawi tu tak sporting lah..nak berahsia2 watpe? dah naik atas stage dah, poyo plak tanak cita kisah sebenar.."

and i was like, "Duh! Tu hal peribadi dia, yg korg nak paksa2 dia cite buatpe? lantak dia la nak cite ke tak! tu hak dia! korg tu yg paksa dia naik atas pentas, bukan dia sendiri yg nak."..

Mentality of some Malaysians..and I'm not a fan of Mawi's honestly. i just believe that he was treated unfairly because of the stupidity of the media and the people.

nice entry btw, and sorry for the long comment. :)

Lya said...

adding to igniz's comment.. yg lebih memalukan pasal the whole mawi break up thing was that interview dorg buat serentak ngn siti nyer wedding. like pfft! pastu budak2 uitm ni smua berebut remote control sampai gaduh2 dlm common room. team mawi vs team siti hahah

btw can u pass me the link to d gossip blog yg u baca tu. cam menarik plak ngahah :P

Merissa K. said...

to both of you, i dont really know about the whole mawi thing (thanks for enlightening me tho! heheh) but yeah, thats exactly what i meant.

uber-annoying ey? it makes you think about these people and whether or not they have any kind of self-respect at all.


oh, and babe, its (whoever she is, good for her for making enough money to get her own domain simply by bashing on other people and writing distasteful and talentless piece of craps)

s h a g o o said...


bangga sehingga menjilat jari.