Thursday, October 15, 2009

we're all entitled to our own opinions. so in my opinion, your opinion sucks!

hello hello.
ive been doing the disappearing act,
blame UTP's internet connection.

since ive been quite the hermit,
i dont have anything much to tell you lot.
(unless, if you wanna hear all about my Ocean & Coastal Eng. yaks, that is)

due to the sucky-ass connection in the hostel,
we went to the mamak nearby
(funny how 'mamak' is a noun nowadays)
ladened with laptops.
(ok tak. bukan laptops, laptop je sebenarnya. sorang je yang bawak laptop, yang lain menyibuk nak check Facebook masing masing. ok tipu lagi sekali. yang lain tak ambik port, saya sorang je yang check Facebook kacau kerja orang)

My friend was Googling her study thingies when three mamaks crowded her.
"Kasi buka la dey"
"Cuba you kasi transfer itu Hindi songs kasi saya bole ka"



cHeRyNa PiReS said...

hahahahaha...lawak la!!!

* babe, i need your opinion for my latest posting, boleh ke? (this one is about man u....)

Igniz said...'re being random again..hehe:D

xwizit said...

Macam tak perlu risau tentang connection je sekarang. Laju o! berbanding dulu.

s h a g o o said...