Tuesday, October 27, 2009

i hate Barbie, that bitch has everything!!

you'd be surprised at how many articles you can find on a doll.
(tak percaya, pergi lah Google!)

I read this article (on BBC News, no less) which depicted what Barbie would look like if she was human.

Kinda monstrous and alien-like eh? They even had the math calculation and formula thingamajig to calculate the feasibility of finding a human Barbie.

Here are some mindless facts that will result in a wastage of about 4.5 minutes of your life that you're never getting back.

1) If Barbie were life size, she probably wouldnt be able to menstruate because she does not have enough body fat. (sound appetizing much, bulimics out there?)

2) Barbie dumped Ken because he had commitment issues (he refused to get married after almost 50 years of courtship) but it is assured that they will 'remain friends'.

3) Those Barbies in wedding dresses, yeah those were just her figments of fantasy.

4) Barbie cheated on Ken with G.I Joe (remember that Christmas joke?)

Do you not think that it's bullshit, coming up with all these facts over a toy?

Oh, and this is a list of a more realistic fashion line for Barbie. Til next season. *smirks*


Fatul Akrul Ramli said...

eleh.. i tahu u ada simpan barbie dalam bilik u..

cHeRyNa PiReS said...

i love the fashion, not that doll. she doesn't have nipples...hehehe...

Merissa K. said...

Fatul :
eyp, jgn buat rumour. heheh.

Kak Sha:
ahahaha. true true. and some of them has underpants melekat kat crotch. tch. hahahaha