Tuesday, October 13, 2009

im a nerd, thats why

who wouldve thought that revising on Malaysian Studies would make me fall in love with Malaysia's visionary, Tun Mahathir.
(to all haters, scram. i dont need you here)

He was intelligent indeed.
And im scared that Malaysia will never again see the likes of Tun M.

When people speculated and questioned his decision to start an organization, producing our own national cars, they said :

"How the hell are we gonna produce cars when we cant even produce something as small as needles?"
He replied:

"If we can produce cars, how hard can it be to produce needles?"

And when everybody else was busy selling out their countries to the IMF (International Monetary Fund), he was dead determined that we could survive without the foreign help. And surprisingly to others, we did.

Instead of succumbing to the Western investors whose plan was to buy our Ringgit many times over, resulting in an increase of our Ringgit value (and thus, giving them the absolute power over our country), Tun tied our Ringgit instead.

Ringgit Malaysia could no longer be taken out of the country (well, they could, but in mild moderation of course) and this pretty much restrained the foreigners from playing with our currency as if they were Play-Doh.

Smart move, indeed. Im scared in behalf of the country if never again will Malaysia's politician be as smart as Che Det was. Im afraid that there wont be a scrap of nationalists in our generation.

Should that prediction ever come true, im afraid i would have to turun padang (cheewah, berangan).

p/s : now Mummy, arent you proud of me for blogging about intellectual issues for once? :)


s h a g o o said...


Lya said...

oh yes i loooove the part where he refused IMF. but the saddest thing is, even without them having political power over us, they still do control our lives. & its sad. coz its all our fault (mine too i know). cmon let's all be patriotic. hahaha

Merissa K. said...

shagoo : likes jugak. (duhh i yang tulis.heheh)

lya : sadly, that would be verrrry hard to change.hehh. ohhh i know, i rasa mcm nak kibar bendera malaysia! hahahah

Tok Aweed said...

kalo takde Tun, nama tasha tak perlu ade alias. Merissa Kartika da cukup.. sbb our country would be juuusstt like our neighbour indon..

p/s: tak sangka tasha's knowledge quite broad. haha! JK! :P

cHeRyNa PiReS said...

do you realise how much malaysian stuies have changed our minds? in contrast to HISTORY - the oen we studied in school, we'll be more opinionated, don't u think?

Fatul Akrul Ramli said...

post yg berunsurkan kematangan.. i tak matang, so, i tak tahu apa2.. haha

Merissa K. said...

Timmy : yosh LOLs. tapi alias tu yang buat mahal tu. dontcha think? oiii, nak cakap i bimbo la sekarang? hahaha.

Cheryna : the content was pretty much the same, but i guess now we've the tendency to relate to things better. haha. baca blk pasal how british interfered in the sultan's affair, it seems that the exact same thing is happening now. heheh.

Fatul : tak matang mana pun. saya pun tak tau apa apa. buat buat tau je. haha.