Wednesday, June 24, 2009

going cuckoo

someone brilliant told me,
that sometimes, in order to heal from a broken heart,
you tend to put up a Tembok Besar China to push all the pain away.

true, by doing that, you become that much stronger.
but you also become that much numb, that much heartless.

and yes, you manage to push the heartbreaker away,
but you also push everyone else around you.

i never used to be this angry.
i was never this sarcastic.
oh, and believe me, kerek-ness wasnt my thing(oh well, maybe on the odd occasion that i have to come up with a comeback to Noin's statements).

good thing someone managed to penetrate the wall.

oooh, excuse the pun.


Elena said...

Hah! Pun schmunn.

Merissa K. said...

you got it, did you not ya?

clever girl, this one is.