Tuesday, June 16, 2009

someone i know had a field day yesterday.

In the evening, he went to hangout with his recently pronounced ex-girlfriend.
At night, he went for a mamak session with first love, his first (ex)girlfriend.
Even later that night, he accompanied his goodfriend to see the last installment of the ex-gf trio.

Three in a day.
Not bad, baby.

Now, what would you do, if you were to see your flame from centuries ago, the blast from the past. Followed by, your recent boyfriend/ex. And last but not least, your current flavour of the month.

Okay everybody, here's a task for each and everyone of you. Groom yourself up and complete the very task i mentioned above within this very week. You shall then report back to me with your findings!

Hehe. Rasa macam Sergeant dalam Army!

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