Wednesday, June 3, 2009

one surefire way to look smokin' hot!

use photoshop.

Im serious. The skill will come in handy pre-blind dates.
And well, you know, you can just get married virtually and everything.

My point is,
go learn how to use Photoshop.
and then, u can edit my pics.


Igniz said...

I don't see the fun in being someone that you're not...:)

What about u, cik tasha? please tell me that you are REAL..:P

Ernie Azera said...

haha.tash someone pon pnah forward me this email~

dehaq said...


Amir Hamzah said...

wau!!! these are amazing!! haha!! imma try on some of mine nanti :P

Obefiend said...

nampak gambar kanan ni

itu photoshop

aku actually buruk

Merissa K. said...


Sorry to break it to you. But i am, in fact, not real. haha.

Ern Bern

hehehe. kannn. mine was given by Nadim. must be from the same source or something, kan?


sukaa you eh?


show it to me once uve got some results! hoho.


show us a before-and-after, baru boleh percaya! XD