Friday, June 12, 2009


Ooof. The betrayal.
Hahah. Yeah I was just being a tad bit dramatic there (as I always have).

Anyways, it sucks when people assume ur doing something ur really not.
But it sucks even more when you discover it was actually someone else doing it, and ur just the person people put the blame on because it seems like ur the problematic kind.

Hoho. No, im not being bitter. It’s just the truth. Ive been kept out of the loop for a while now so it took me quite sometime to catch up with whats real.Im kinda numb inside from everything that has been happening, but I know I feel this disappointment.

Im not angry, really. Im used to having people thinking the worst of me. It’s no different this time. I just wish someone would’ve filled me in rather than have me find out this way. As always.

But I guess it is fun for Life to see me squirm like this. Have your laugh Life. The joke’s on me. *winks*

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