Monday, June 8, 2009


people talk.
and the walls eavesdrop.

thats especially true in a working environment.
i guess, being (scoff) old and not having a life outside of home and the office contributes a lot to people being busybodies from hell.

ive never really minded these people talking.
in some ways, ive gotten used to it.
talk about me all you want, go ahead, try and break the girl who thinks nothing of you.
(insert more cliches here)

Tapi tak payah la sampai nak pergi report kat boss aku
Gila darjah satu.
Dah la the stories had nothing to do with work langsung.

Apparently, I am a bad influence because this other intern started smoking because of me.
Apparently, I forced another girl to feel peer-pressured and thus, in order to conform, she took her headscarf off.
Apparently, I am having an affair with the German intern who's sitting in front of me.

Good thing ive got a cool boss who backs me up.

Eyy busybodies, i know ur life is not all that interesting and everything, but i'm just doing my internship je kot. I wont even be around in a month's time. So tak payah la waste ur time nak sibuk sibuk about my life. Aku bukan celebrity pun.


Igniz said...

diorg jeles tu..cik tasha hot and bijak berkata2..diorg tak hot dan bijak mengumpat aje..

ala, org lain nak ikut cik tasha, tu masalah that particular individu ar..apehal diorg nak sibuk2, kan? kan? aktiviti yg cik tasha buat bukan kaco diorg berak pun. kalau cik tasha smoke menyebabkan diorg sembelit, lain ar citer. hehe.

Anonymous said...

ah, i loove this post! seriously. bila lah this morons would stop.
i've just experienced this kind of situation like, couple months ago. hello, ini bukan nya sekolah lagi nak jaga tepi kain orang lagi. if kau nak jadi baik, go ahead lah. tak perlu lah nak expect orang lain jadi seperti kau juga. boo!

apparently, i changed because i wanted to. not because other people around me. but that moron thinks it's those people. that moron put me in loads of trouble when he/she reported it to my parents. konon nya takut i terjebak jauh la whatever. what the hell.

good post tasha.

silent reader.

Merissa K. said...

i guess its just human nature kot. malay's nature ke.

and the fact that theyre hiding behind the word 'concern' is like rubbing salt on an open wound!

anon, that person reported to ur parents?
ishh gila mengadaa.
what did u do then??

(ini pun another form of being a busybody. heheh)

wana said...

oh oh sy knal sume2 yg dmksdkn tuh!hahaha

Merissa K. said...

oh confirm la u kenal, wana. hehe