Tuesday, June 23, 2009

weird dude at the office

this past few months, i have had to walk around and take the reading for noise, temperature and light in the shopfloor.

so obviously, during these rounds, i was equipped with some sort of bulky gadget.

each time i went round to take the reading, there is always this one dude, whom, upon seeing me whill shout :
tolong adoi tolong tolong. perut saya sakit. doktor tolong saya.

he always has this comical look on his face.
and the way he shouted out his request, i cant help but be reminded of one my colleagues, Kuchai. hehe. Kuchai jangan marah. XD

after almost 13 times being confronted with his weird, and i hope what meant to be a joke of a statement, i still dont know whether or not to find it funny.

it's like, sound level meter aku ni, ada rupa macam high blood pressure punya machine ke?
and he keeps saying that he has stomachache. my face looks like a toilet bowl ke???


Inana Douie said...

oh one of the production guys did that to me today too! Maybe it's some secret language yang tak paham. Haahha.

being the garang person i am, i said "KENAPA? NAK FIRST AID KE? Sorryla first aid box takda ubat sakit perut. Lain kali try penyakit lain eh."


s h a g o o said...

ini. ini. ini pun bodoh!

mamat tu bodoh.

Merissa K. said...

ina, i used to buat muka kerek as if saying 'kau ni bangang ke apa?'. tapi i dont think he got the hint. so lepas tu malas nak ckp dah. haha. two more weeks and no more weirdos. LOL.

yes sha, oh, awak pulak tak nak ke blog pasal the weirdos at YOUR workplace? hehehe

s h a g o o said...


office saya xde weirdos.

tapi ada err...


hee =)