Monday, June 15, 2009

i know somebody...

who can do this!

and i remember someone saying:
"god knows what that tongue's capable of! "


hamlet said...

how did? how in the hell did that person do that?

A'a said...

haha i can do that! it's in the genes. only people with dominant genes can roll their tongue. :D

Igniz said...

is it just me who's thinking about this or that person was really referring to 'something' else when he/she said about that tongue?:P

Merissa K. said...


hebat kaaan? i nak kena practice la sampai blh? jom practice? haha.


oooooooh. do u wanna be my girlfriend? :P


its not just you. heheh

ainnabella said...

i know i know! its arrnouddd!!
how to spell his name ntah.

Merissa K. said...

ala ain, baru berapa lama tak lepak dengan diorg, dah tak ingat dah how to spell their names?huhu