Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Mari mari tuan dengar ini cerita

So there's this girl called Miss Insensitive, whose desk at work is right next to, hmmmm lets call her Lola(don’t ask me why).

OK, anyways, Lola has a boyfriend within the same company. We shall call him Yucky. They’ve been together for quite some time (the exact duration could not be identified by writer at the point when this story is written).

Throughout the relationship, Lola has always kind of expected that she will eventually be married to Yucky. One day, out of the blue, Yucky broke things off with Lola. Which is nothing to be surprised about. Breakups happen whether we like it or not.

The best part is, within (approximately) a week after the breakup, it was announced all over the company that Yucky is getting married in 5 months’ time. To Miss Insensitive.

Now, Lola was not only the only one who had to heal from the shock. Whilst everyone else still has fumes coming out of their ears and noses(being the busybodies we Malaysians are), Lola could still be polite and courteous to Miss Insensitive whom she has to sit next to every single freaking day.

Now. 4 months and a half later.
Yucky and Miss Insensitive’s wedding is due in two weeks time.

There was a family day for the company. And Lola was the emcee. After the event was over, the Family Day committee decided to get Lola a lil thank you gift for saving them a whole loada cash paying for a professional emcee(cheapskate or what? Haha.)

Everyone in the committee signed the darned box, including Miss Insensitive. Under her signature, she wrote ‘Hope You’ll Get Married Soon :o) ’.

Talk about being a nightmare man! Sheesh.


Igniz said...

i'm thinking about how not to live a life..;)

wana said...

go go family day committee!!hahaha.yeah, she's an ignorant byotch.karma will settle with her l8r.haha.

psst:we r not the cheapskate here!up there, up there!