Tuesday, February 3, 2009

snake shopping

Last Friday, i went shopping.
But not for clothes,
and not at a shopping mall.

It was about 2am
And we were literally in the middle of the forest
My entire body stank of insect repellent.

With a measly torchlight
and a sad excuse of an aqua shoe
I hiked like ive never hiked before
(which actually is easy to do, as i really have NEVER hiked before)

five minutes from the journey
and we found our first victim to be kept captive
a golden huntsman
a furry golden spider
with hairy legs.

and as we went further in the jungle
*scary music here*
we captured more and more animals
geckos, lizards(not the ones u see at home)
spiders, frogs and snakes!!

at one point,
my friend saw a grasshopper that he'd like to kidnap
to be a meal to his pet reptile
he was stopped short by another guy
telling us that the insect isnt actually a
but in fact,
a pelesit.

it got darker as we travelled further
until it became pitch black
it made me wonder how those 3gp couples were brave enough to get it on
in the middle of jungles and semak samun.
scary weyh.

i got bitten by a few leeches
fell down on slippery rocks
hyperventilated when we got lost in the woods

but the moment we caught the pretty pretty snake
it all became really worth it
it was either a
checkered garter snake
or a
checkered keelback watersnake

either way its the prettiest slithering reptile
ok maybe not the prettiest
but it has golden checkered shapes along its body

so yeah
it was worth it
fucking worth it

next session
who wants to join in
angkat tangan

p/s: sorry takde pics. im at the office. tak blh nak upload. pergi google sendiri ehh? :)


Amir Hamzah said...

huyoo!! i nak join weh!!

Merissa K. said...

jom jom jom.

nanti i call u ekk?

miss eLyA =) said...

woh........snakeS!!!!!!!!!!!! spiders!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

heaven for me~!!!!

aaaaahh~! (cant stop screaming haha)

seriously...envy-ing u here.......

anyway,hi hello,im elya haha. been readin ur blog for a while now..

we've meet i think. yeah. mase tu kt mcd ngan jack and sarah,the wife. u tak abis abis ckp tinggi nye u tinggi nye!! yeah. haha.

anyway,jealous nye! my mum hates snakes...... =(

A'a said...

i want to join too!! y'know we kinda have the same hobby lah!