Monday, February 16, 2009

wasted weekend

it turned out to be an awesome weekend after all.

To a certain someone,
thanks for making it better for me.
I hope it was better for u as well.
You know i love you.

To the LG,
pening aku tak habis lagi.
Im still treading on clouds right now.


On another totally unrelated note,
I have a new Nano! Wheeeeeee! Tapi i just realized that 4 gigs isnt enough.
Tamak kan?


Igniz said...

life is unpredictable,haha.
thought it would be bad, but then there comes the laughter.XD

paan terjatuh lagi. said...

dah dapat nano?good.cepat cakap terima kasih!!=P

A'a said...

you got yourself a nano chromatic?? which colour?? mine's pink hahaha and yeah 4gigs definitely not enough!!!

Merissa K. said...

Yeah surprisingly, my Valentines werent too bad after all. hehe.

dah dapat. dah jakun dah pun. LOL. terima kasih a'an! kamu memang the best. haha. motor bila ambik??

hee. mine's silver. XD.
759songs tak cukup laaaaaaa.