Wednesday, February 4, 2009

my dream last night reached a whole new level of weirdness.

It was Friday.
Time Friday Prayers.

I was making out with Zul in the middle of the living room.
God knows rumah mana ntah.

And out of nowhere came this two Pak Haji.
We scrambled out of the house. But the Pak Haji said that they werent there to catch us.

And i freaked out trying to find my car to make a getaway.
But i couldnt find my car.
It has been stolen.

Then the Pak Hajis helped me to find the car.
Which was really awkward even in the dream.

And the next thing i know, i was late for a final exam paper.
The subject was CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT PROGRAMME which incidentally is a department at my workplace.


Now now anybody out there who's good at interpreting dreams???

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fizah said...

dude, freud would have some funtimes with that dream. lol.