Thursday, February 19, 2009

the story behind the flooding

ok so this is the story.

this is the reason why i flooded my blog yesterday.

In the office, we use Microsoft Outlook to send emails and shit.

A few Fridays ago, i came to the office all jolly and cheerful and opened my mail. Daily routine.

There was an email from somebody ive never even heard.

There were attachments by the name 'amoi cantik', 'mcm Fasha Sandha'. you know. along those lines. I saw that the email was forwarded to all staff in the entire company.

The moment i clicked on the attachment, one of the bosses that sits behind me shouted 'Tashaaaaaaa...jangan bukak!!!!' which made me turn around and look at her.

The moment i turned back to the pc, a girl with her legs spread open and untrimmed bushes were staring me back at my face. Stunned because it wasnt what i expected to look at first thing in the morning, i closed the window.

After i calmed down, i wanted to open the other few attachments, but i was aware that the entire department was still looking at me for my reaction, i changed my mind and deleted the email.

Immediately after that, i remembered that the email was sent to the entire company. Boy was that guy in a deep shit.

He just got fired two days ago. Along with the guy who forwarded the mail to him in the first place.

And now theyre checking our pcs for personal things. Ive just deleted about 200plus songs and loads of pics. Bugger huh?

Yeah, so itu lah story saya. :)


Igniz said...

hehe..quite a day huh?
hopefully that didn't make u lose interest in opening emails or whatever attachments u received...who knows, one day u open an email from someone, then ur life's full of sunshine!XD

Obefiend said...

bloody puritans

i mean we are born nude. why are we so afraid of nude pictures? it should not even be an offence to look at nudie shots