Tuesday, February 17, 2009


dearest friends,
i was doing some 'research' on chemicals.
and ETHYL CHLORIDE was one of them.

Ethyl Chloride is commonly used as refrigerant, aerosol spray, and anaesthetic.
Though it has been discovered that there is a more 'recreative' use for it.

based on Wikipedia,
it is said that it is used as an inhalant during sexual activity for an intense several-minute-long high that results in a prolonged orgasm.
I guess they forgot to mention that while you're orgasming (is there such a word?), you'd be laughing ur ass off.

Before you get too excited,
breathing in its vapors at 15% concentration or higher can often lead to FATALITY.

To whom it may concern,
please check your can for the concentration details
and see if you're on the dying list or not.

Last word from me, be careful. :D


Igniz said...

hey, glad to hear that u're back on track..(even though i don't know anything about u n your life, whether or not you've gone off track b4..XD)

Anyway, enjoy ur life..whether or not the flower n the love confession mean a lot to u, u know urself better..just chill out n hv fun..;)

ethyl chloride...inhalant eh?hmmm...;)

paan terjatuh lagi. said...

u,nadim n nad tinggal kan saya ahad lepas =P.I told nadim bout this,and dia takut.haha

Merissa K. said...

manade kitorg tinggal awaaaaak. kita cari awak okay. awak yg tinggal kitorg!!! dah la blk tak bgtau! hmphhhh!

eleh nadim tu. dah best terbang baru nak takut. hahaha. tapi concentration yg kita ambik tak de la high mana pun.

Naddddddd. said...

nadim dah terbang mmg lupa kawan2 dia.ahahaha.

sad said...

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