Tuesday, February 17, 2009

For the first time ever, i woke up at 530am.
So tak Tasha kan?

Im at the office by 720 and got stuck talking to the office geek.
(Pssh. I hope he doesnt read this, Haha)

I kept thinking about last weekend and how it left me elated and gembira.
I got a flower and a love confession(both from different guys). Thanks to Valentine's.

I skipped work yesterday cuz i was so wiped out.
So i came to work today bearing bribes in the form of chocolates and free mascaras.
Thank God my mom is an editor who gets free makeup by the load.


paan terjatuh lagi. said...

once again,i'm left dazed and confused.hahaha

Merissa K. said...

at which part aan? at which part?
hee hee.

Adwina said...

i pun nak free mascara! u do shipping? hehe

paan terjatuh lagi. said...

last weekend,after the mamak session.haha