Thursday, February 26, 2009

yes, ini cliche

Surrounded by so many people.
Yet ive never felt so alone.


A. Afiq A. Malik said...


That's how I found out about myself.

Plus all those 2 triplets of quarter-notes per bar, fortissimo and "minor sixth becomes major third" stuff.

Sadistic, I know.

Igniz said...

not sure if u're gonna believe me..
i'm feeling the same at the moment...
how do u feel if the one u love is still with u, but has changed..
how do u feel if the one u love can't reply those 3 words u say..
still with u, but never the same..

aiyak, i've become emotional...don't like it..

anyway tasha, have u heard this?

if God gives u what u want n long for, He loves u..
if God is late in giving u what u want n long for, He wants to test ur patience..
if God doesn't give u what u want n long for, that means He has something better for u..;)

I always think of that every time i feel this way..hope u do the same..(ergh, i xsalah topic kan?did i misunderstand u?hihi)

Inana Douie said...

jom kita kawan. can feel lonely together. heh.