Friday, February 13, 2009

snail mail

I guess I have been kind of depressed this past few weeks.
And i have been trying my goddamn best to hide it.
Maybe physically it was semi-successful but i guess it shows in my writing that im miserable.

So i cant tell you how much it made me wanna cry(of happiness of course) when i woke up this morning to a HUGE envelope lying still on my table.
And all the way from France lagi tu.

Reading what the Three Musketeers wrote, it really made my day.
Thanks you guys(especially Nico!) for such a heartfelt snail mail. You made me smile with your words(even if some words are completely incomprehensible. haha)

Thank you. Really.
big cheers for the three musketeers.

p/s: i guess it's true what they say about you cant change the whole world, but u can certainly make a difference to someone's world. :)


Igniz said...

i must be nice to get a letter or any kind of good news from someone u know, especially the dear ones..
anyway, i'm a big big big fan of muse!i just joined the blog anyway.would like to know u.come n check me if u gt time.hehe.

Anonymous said...

Hey miss, I'm happy to know that you like like our letter. Just, please, let me know what are the things you don't understand. ;)