Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Help! A Psycho is Following Us!!

Our movie was in an hour's time.
With a bubble tea in hand, we walked out of the shopping mall and tried to find benches to sit on.
There were none.

I suggested sitting at Starbucks.
But Aisha refused.
Takut kena halau.

And we saw this secluded little place that probably sells overpriced pastries.
There was a long-haired guy sitting by himself, reading a book.
It didnt look like he ordered anything.

Being the cheapskate we are, we found ourselves an empty table.
We played cards, sedut udara segar a bit, and lied to the waitress saying that we are waiting for a friend before we order anything.

Out of nowhere, the long haired stranger from the other table came over and asked to borrow a lighter.
Then he asked us about the card game we were playing.

Before we so much as blinked, he had made himself comfortable in one of the empty chairs and asked to join us playing cards.
He was talking to Aisha almost the entire time.
He even took the liberty of ordering us cappucinos and pastries. Which thank god, he paid for.

When it was time for our movie, we excused ourselves laju laju(in the attempt to run away from him).
Too bad for us, he decided to join us instead.
He walked with us all the way to the movie and bought himself a ticket.

After the movie, he waited for us in front of the door and suggested that we go for another drink.
Which we simultaneously rejected.
We told him we had to rush home and practically ran to the car.

Serious shit ive never met anybody like that in my entire life. Ngehh.

p/s: He asked for Aisha's number that night. Good thing i taught her how to lie. :)


paan terjatuh lagi. said...


Adreen Nordin said...

nape kene halau if masuk starbucks?

Merissa K. said...

err. because we werent planning on ordering anythg. ngeh ngeh.

s h a g o o said...

erk?i never thought u would post this.

haish.x bole blah kan.huhu!

tasha la nie baik hati sgt pinjamkan lighter.hahahaha!! =P