Sunday, August 16, 2009

a big win, as expected

i knew it.
i simply knew it.
confirm la kita welcome walk in kena penuh stylo kan.
pasti la menang besar.

fast game indeed.
one blink.
satu goal.
blink lagi.
ehh, Vermaelen score laa. tak sia sia beli.
third blink.
score lagii.
(dah malas nak blink)
score lagi lagi and lagi.

Everton's attempt was just too lame.
Last minute gila(literally).
tu pun kena bakar balik in the end dengan Eduardo (who's not as hideous as he used to be, surprisingly.hoho)

Back in '58, Everton faced the same loss, also di tangan Arsenal.
It didnt matter that Walcott, Rosicky, Djourou and Diaby were out
(paling kelakar Diaby ok. Groin injury. hahaha.)
Arsenal kicked ass jugak anyway.

Welcome back Gunners.
What a grand entrance.
Lets hope this is a comeback.



jeff said...

go arsenal!

Merissa K. said...

hehehe. go arsenal, go arsenal jugak. why are you still awak ni haa jepp? nak ambik scroll eh kejap lagi? heheh

Merissa K. said...


A'a said...

oh i love fabregas!! hahaha

Merissa K. said...

sebab he's good? or sebab he's cute? ke both? heheh

A'a said...

a lil bit of both :P

sad said...

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