Tuesday, August 18, 2009

goodbye and hello

January 2006

3 and a half years later

August 2009

should i be all corny and quote Vitamin C's Graduation Song?
hee. tak payah kot.

From our foundation years, and now half of us are in our final years and the other half has successfully graduated.
(weyh weyh korang dah tua la 'akak exec')

It has been a wonderful wonderful 4 years later.
I still love you guys, more than ever.
Here's to graduation,
and to us being in love for a lot more years to come.


ainnabella said...

awww. so shuwitttt!

zalikha anas said...

wait till ur graduation plk k babe,kite celebrate ramai2!

Merissa K. said...

saya memang sweet. :) *buat muka budget sweet habis*

Graduation i sama dengan u la sayang. Ngee.

ainnabella said...

sha balik kl nanti msg la i. lepak2 okay?

sad said...

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