Monday, August 10, 2009

ish ish ish

Im sure stories like these are the opposite of unheard of. (why is it that aku suka cakap berbelit belit. hish. cakap je la cerita ni common kan? :D) Anyyyywaaay.

Lets call this girl Senah (not even close to nama sebenar). She found out that her boyfriend slept with another girl in their circle of friends. So what she did was tag a picture that has her in it and wrote the caption as 'this is the bitch that slept with my boyfriend'. Tagged it as 'Jalang' and tagged all her friends on Facebook (me, included) to that same picture so everyone will view and comment on it.

The comments that i read was painfully harsh. Among common words found repeated was 'HIV', 'syphillis', 'whore', 'pantang nampak batang' and well, you get the gist. heheh.

And id have to admit that i have also stooped to such level. Though saya tak buat kat Facebook la, saya buat kat blog aje(kalau rajin pergi la older posts, cari). And mine didnt involve anyone sleeping with my boyfriend.But still. I found the satisfaction in making it known to others what i really think about her. *tengah confuse nak buat evil grin or not*

But think about it. Can you picture a guy doing the exact same thing?
Post a picture with a caption that says 'this is the asshole that slept with my girlfriend'.
Macam bangang je.

So does that mean that girls are just more vile than guys? Or what? What does that mean?

p/s : though i think in a guy's case he'd just whack the motherfucker up separuh mati rather than fretting about it on the net.


joynstar said...

well my dear this is where XY in women multiply into XYZ instead. I can totaly understand her emo~ coz I'm a girl too. ya we girls does stupid thing, respond fit gila. but that only shows how hurt we are and nothing less. kalau I kena cheat macam dia my man better hope he is long dead. let me share you a story kogoro mori.

long2 time ago when I was still mabuk cinta ngan my hubby, terjadi trajedi godaan maha sial oleh ex dia.

it was his birthday and we were supposed to go out together. but he didn't show up so I dragged my besties(male) to find out at his house. and mind me it was 3 a.m! to my dismay ada kasut perempuan and so not mine there at the porch.

she said she's just paying him a surprise visit for his birthday. yeah right... some beer can and a heap of smoke butt. I acted cool but throw a fit later the next day. I made him choose and he assured me there were no choise as I'm the only one he wants. the reason he can't get away was that she got his house keys and kinda came early.

sial tak?

Merissa K. said...

ohh panjang lalu cerita ktk. hehe.

oh, i pun dah ada fair share of curang stories. tak best tak best. tsk.

but about ur story, even if she did drop by pun, what was his reason for not turning up to jumpa u? huhu.

how did the story end anyways? you accepted his story eh last last? considering you said hubby, i assume you're up in the sky tgh happy now so thats good la.


joynstar said...

huh..haruslah panjang cherita koh! mundak feature dalam poster LOST lak.

ya terimak, coz nang I kenal that b*tch mpun karekter. mmg insistent.

well I tak percaya his shit actually, but in order to win we gotta loose sometime. we need to know when to pull and let go. but make sure mmg worth it. if he's a common JOE sik betah ku berjuang. but I can feel my destiny mmg ngan nya.

sumore it helps to think that a one night stand is just about a discharge of semen, sweat and adrenaline.

and I'm damn a lot prettier than her..adeeihhh!!!!muji dirik mcm biasa.

Merissa K. said...

hehe. aok, you win you lose some. XD

eh sekpa.. heheh... mun bena, padah jak la oh? heheh. sekda point mok hide the truth. XD

in that case, the girl is just a plain loser bah. udah la sik kacak, ada hati mok kaco gerek org.


p/s : i love that part where you sum up the whole one night stand thing. heheh.

s h a g o o said...

ish ish ish~

Merissa K. said...

kan kan? *shakes head profusely*

sad said...

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