Thursday, August 20, 2009

there's no use crying over spilt milk unsaved report

As of today, my blog has turned one! Whippee! :D

Happy Birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday, Happy birthday
Violent Violet Volkswagen

Baby, here's to our one year anniversary and its 370 something post babies. :)

So yeah, now you know im that geeky girl who sits in front of the pc all day and blog about life instead of going out and enjoying it. Ta-dah!

Ive been out of touch this past few weeks tho,
i wrote a 60 page report and on the day that im supposed to submit it,
my pc died on me along with the unrecovered pages.
So i've to start all over again from page one.
Here's to another few days of skipping classes and 3 hour naps. Tch.

I'd better get back to my report now.
It wont let me rest til i see the end of it.

P/s: was complaining to a friend that Tronoh is a desert. Blazing hot in the day, and freezing cold at night. And when asked where would i stay if given the chance and i answered bumming by the beach (read: Bora Bora or Hawaii) he called me a hypocrite. Duduk panas complain, tapi berangan nak jadi budak pulau. Pfft.

Pp/s: oh, you heard that we kicked Celtic's ass, didnt you? Next game, bring it on Portsmouth.


Igniz said...

Selamat Hari Jaaaaaadiiiiii!!!:P

A'a said...

happy birthday violent violet volkswagen :D

joynstar said...

hepi bershday...dah, go away do your kerjarumah..hahaha!!!! bestnye...dah abis skolah, awak bila nak abis? hehehe....

Merissa K. said...

hoho. thanks korang. :D

uhh Joynstar, lagi one yearrr laa baru i dapat jadi engineer. pfft. benci degree! hahaha.