Thursday, August 13, 2009

tempation on the rack

It keeps winking on me from the top, sending me seductive wishes.
I'm sorry baby, ive gotta refuse for the time being.
My workload simply wouldnt allow me to indulge. :(

Books on my rack that Ive bought/obtained and havent got the chance to unwrap and curl up with:
  1. New Malaysian Essay - Various Writers
  2. In Harm's Way - Doug Stanton
  3. Special Agent : My Life on the Front Lines as a Woman in the FBI - Candice DeLong
  4. Keep It Simple, Stupid - Judge Judy Sheindlin
  5. Down The Highway : The Life of Bob Dylan - Howard Sounes
  6. The Russian Word for Snow - Janis Cooke Newman
  7. Desperately Seeking Paradise - Ziaudin Sardar
  8. Anybody Out There - Marian Keyes
  9. Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close - Jonathan Safran Foer
  10. More, Now, Again - Elizabeth Wurtzel
  11. Prozac Nation - Elizabeth Wurtzel
  12. The Golden Notebook - Doris Lessing
  13. Howling at the Moon - Walter Yetnikoff
  14. The History of Love - Nicole Krauss
  15. Sixty Lights - Gail Jones
  16. Nature Girl - Carl Hiassen
  17. Skinny Dip - Carl Hiassen
  18. No Bones - Anna Burns
  19. The Exes - Pagan Kennedy
  20. The Geographer's Library - Jon Fasman
  21. Eleven Hours - Paullina Simons
  22. Love Rules - Freya North
  23. Going Home - Harriet Evans
  24. Gridlock - Ben Elton
  25. Stark - Ben Elton
  26. The First Casualty - Ben Elton
  27. Popcorn - Ben Elton
  28. Never Let Me Go - Kazuo Ishiguro
  29. Shooting at Midnight - Greg Rucka
  30. A Simple Plan - Scott Smith
  31. The Wind Up Bird Chronicles - Haruki Murakami
  32. After Dark - Haruki Murakami
  33. Blind Willow, Sleeping Woman - Haruki Murakami
  34. Skin - Roald Dahl
Do you or do you not understand my frustration now ey babies?


Igniz said...

No wonder you're so smart. u read a lot of books. i'm jealous. ;)

Merissa K. said...

haha. first of all, thanks. :)

but note the fact that i havent read those books yet. LOL.

nak pinjam? sila laa. (i think i can run a public library lepas ni dowh. haha)

A'a said...

WHOA!! that's a loooooot to read man! hahaha

Merissa K. said...


i dont know when am i gonna find the time to finish it all. heheh. which i HAVE to, considering im going cuckoo, wanting to buy more. tch.

A'a said...

havent finished all that, you already want to buy new ones?? you crazy!! :p haha

A. Afiq A. Malik said...


New Malaysian Essay, please!
Maybe next week.


Merissa K. said...

now we know what tamak really mean kan? tee hee.

oh boleh saja. hehehehe. just tell me when okay?

Lya said...

hello :) just dropping by to ask if i need to hv a library card to borrow books from u? :P

Merissa K. said...

hello hello.


tak nak library card. i want tujuh dulang hati nyamuk for each book.


Lya said...

mak ai.. teh tarik sounds better

sad said...

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