Monday, August 10, 2009

report FYP tak siap lagi, sibuk stalk blog orang. ini la hasilnya.

Saya sedang kagum.
I just read a particular post on Hanis Zalikha's page.

Im amazed because she went ahead and wrote a blog about him despite knowing the fact that he reads her blog.

Kalau saya, mesti teragak agak nak gush. Malu la konon nya (oh yes, saya reti malu!)

But then again, saya tak hot macam Hanis Zalikha.



Hani said...

WEH WEH WEH <-- ni die suke ni ckp mcm ni ni haha

Zahiril Adzim tuh, siap komen ok, kat post die. yang particular post tuh.

WEH WEH WEH. besnyer kan lah kan hai lah.

ps: oh ya shes freaking hot i wish i was born as a hot man lah kan. haha

Merissa K. said...

hahahah. yang weh weh weh tu i pun perasan!! LOL.

(good imitation hani)

ps: kenapa hot MAN??

sad said...

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