Monday, August 10, 2009

pelupa poppadom!

i cant remember where i left my Ipod.
shit sonn.

p/s: i dreamt that my perut buncit refused to go away. and then suddenly a dead foetus popped out of me, and the buncit disappeared immediately. i think that's sign from God that i should ikut Ina jogging this petang.


Igniz said...

yes, a good sign. :P

joynstar said...


Run and save your live!


Merissa K. said...

it is most unfortunate to report that instead of a jog, i went to eat kueyteow tomyam instead.

tapi sedap so takpe.


you guys should come jog with me. :D semangat sikit ada gang!

Inana Douie said...

tak ikut punnnnn.

Merissa K. said...

eheheh. minggu depan la start. XP

sad said...

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